Service for Laboratory Planning & Buiding

Anbotek certification consulting has consistently advocated

One-stop service

Laboratory planning and construction, equipment procurement, system integration, one-stop service and turnkey project, so that customers save effort and worry;

Maximization of laboratory value

From the customer's point of view, to strategic height to conceive and plan the laboratory project, to achieve the maximum value of the laboratory;

Reasonable planning

Reasonably plan the allocation of hardware and software of the laboratory to ensure compliance with the laboratory certification and accreditation standards and relevant laws and regulations;

Provide appropriate solutions

Provide the laboratory planning and design scheme of various industries, reduce the construction risk, save the cost and accelerate the construction progress;

Escort for enterprises

Assist enterprises to introduce the laboratory management system and train various laboratory technical talents for enterprises;

Support your application

Assist enterprises to apply for national government subsidies & special funds & key laboratories & national laboratories accreditation.

Choose Anbotek, 5 advantages help you eliminate troubles.

01. Laboratory equipment leasing

02. Application for laboratory qualification CNAS and CMA

03.Testing instrument development and manufacturing

04. Laboratory turnkey project

05. Government grant application

Are are still troubled by the questions of laboratory construction?


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